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      About us

      Danyang prosthetic Factory Co., Ltd

      Danyang prosthetic Factory Co., Ltd. is located in Danyang City in the south of Jiangsu Province, close to Jiangsu, Wuxi, Changzhou and Shanghai, with convenient transportation. Shanghai Nanjing Expressway, national highway 312 and Beijing Shanghai railway pass through Danyang City, and the Beijing Hangzhou Grand Canal passes through the city, 90 kilometers to Nanjing Airport and 15 kilometers to ...

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      • 41yearsFocus on prosthetic
      • 200+Cumulative variety
      • 27Various patents
      • 45%R & D personnel

      Danyang prosthetic Factory Co., Ltd. began in 1980.

      Focus on the field of prosthetics for more than 40 years, never forget the original intention, contribute to the cause of the disabled and serve all the disabled.

      At present, the products have been sold to all provinces and cities in mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan, and have been exported to Malaysia, South Korea, India, Cuba, Albania and other countries.

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      Buckle details and improve quality

      Keep improving and pursue quality

      All employees of Danyang prosthetic Factory Co., Ltd. warmly welcome colleagues at home and abroad to visit the factory and cooperate together,Contribute to the cause of the disabled and serve all the disabled.
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